About MRS

MRS is the world’s first professional association and non-profit organization dedicated to advance medical robotics technology for the betterment of worldwide healthcare conditions.

MRS aims to inspire and connect a global community through annual conferences, symposiums, publications, educational activities, contests, etc.
Mission: To drive innovation, growth and public recognition of medical robotics through education, industrial collaboration and knowledge exchange.
Vision: It will be the main platform for the medical robotics community and its technical professions in improving worldwide healthcare conditions through the advancement of robotics and automation technology.   
MRS’s activities will focus on three main areas:
1) Medical Robotics Science and Technology 
2) Clinical practice and applications of Medical Robotics 
3) Industrial Applications and Development 
Organization and Leadership:
MRS’s leadership is provided by a member-selected Board of Directors that directs the Society’s strategy planning and development. The Board of Directors elects the Society’s Officers who, along with the Executive Director, comprise the Executive Committee. This Committee manages daily operations between Board of Directors meetings and oversees its various major boards and operating committees.
MRS’s Board Members come from renowned universities, research institutes, medical centers and companies of the medical robotics community.
Board Members Affiliated Institutions (To be continued):
Imperial College London
John Hopkins Medicine
Ohio State University
Columbia University Medical Center
Stanford AI Lab
NYU Langone Medical Center
Intuitive Surgical
MRS’ Signature Annual Conference:
The annual conference of MRS brings together MRS leaders and members with leading scientists, engineers, surgeons, physicians, educators, businessmen and venture capitalists from the medical robotics community. The conference will mainly include lectures and exhibitions of the most advanced achievements on scientific research, industrial applications and governmental support.